On the Recommendations page, you'll see the compositions, albums, artists, and playlists that you can like. They are grouped in your playlists by artist and genre. Recommendations are generated gradually based on your tastes and are meant to introduce you to current and popular music. Your friends' favorite music is also added to your recommendations (just subscribe to their profiles or link your social network account).
Attention. To view recommendations, you must log in to Yandex.
  1. Change recommendations
  2. Error on the recommendation page

Change recommendations

Music you listened to previously and music that you marked with will have an impact on the recommendations you get. The more music you play, the more interesting your feed will be.

If you don't want a particular track to appear in your recommendations, click when you hear it in the player panel. To prevent the system from recommending an artist to you, go to that artist's page and click . You can unblock those recommendations by finding that track or artist and clicking the button that blocked them again.

If you don't want an unsuitable genre or artist to appear in your recommendations, close the playlist with those recommendations on the Recommendations page. Just hold your cursor over the playlist name and click to the right of it.

Error on the recommendation page

If you discover an error in your recommendation feed or get someone else's recommendations, please contact customer support and let them know.