If you are the legal owner or performer, you can place the “Listen on Yandex.Music” badge on your site, in your blog, app, social network account, or on branded merchandise.

  1. Badge examples
  2. Placement requirements for badges
  3. Badge for branded merchandise
  4. How not to place badges

Badge examples

Basic version

Download: png, svg

Additional version

Download: png, svg

Note. For branded merchandise, use badges in the eps format.

Placement requirements for badges

  • Use badges with outlines on dark backgrounds or those with dark photographs. In all other cases use the basic version of the badge.

    Examples of placement on backgrounds
    Basic version Additional version
  • The minimum badge size is 40 pixels in height.
  • The badge's link should lead to the album, song, or artist mentioned.
  • The free space around the badge should be no less than 25% of the badge's height.

Badge placement examples

On sites
In the app
In social networks

Badge for branded merchandise

For placement on branded merchandise you can use:

  • the basic version of the badge

    Download: eps

  • an additional version with an outline (for dark backgrounds or those with dark photos)

    Download: eps

  • an additional black and white version

    Download: eps

Example placement

How not to place badges

Do not use the badge without an outline when placed a dark background or a dark photograph.
Do not change the badge's proportions or other parameters.
Do not change the thickness or color of the badge's outline.
Do not lighten or change the color of the badge.
Do not change the size or other parameters of the font.
Do not place text or other elements in the badge's margins.