Purchase subscription

You can pay for subscriptions in either the Yandex.Music app or the web version of the service. To pay for a subscription, you must be located in a country where the Yandex.Music service is available. When paying for subscriptions in the web version, make sure you use the same account as in the Yandex.Music app.

Two payment methods are available: via the Microsoft Store or by bank card. When paying by bank card, an automatically renewed subscription is set up on your account. Your account will be charged monthly or yearly, depending on the type of your subscription. Any subscriptions made via the Microsoft Store must be renewed manually.

  1. In the top-left corner of the screen, tap , then tap on your profile picture.
  2. In your profile, tap Yearly or Monthly. If you sign up for a monthly subscription and have never bought a Yandex.Music subscription before, your first month of use will be free.
  3. Tap Windows Store to go to the Microsoft Store. For more information about how to pay for apps, see the help for the Microsoft Store.
Tip. If you want to access all of the Yandex.Music app's features but you don't want automatic subscription renewals, purchase a Yandex.Music gift code.