Disable automatic subscription renewal

When you pay for a subscription, the auto-renewal function is enabled automatically so that you don't have to re-subscribe in the future. You can cancel subscription auto-renewal at any time. In this case, only the free features will remain available in the app after your paid subscription period ends. Tracks you downloaded to listen to in offline mode will also become unavailable.

To disable subscription auto-renewal, select the option you used to pay for your subscription:

Do you have access to the device from which you paid for the subscription?

  1. In the top-left corner of the screen, tap , then tap on your profile picture.
  2. Tap Manage subscriptions in your profile.
  3. Tap Don't renew subscription.

Disable the subscription on your account page in the Microsoft Store.

Disable automatic renewal in settings via the web version of Yandex.Music.

  1. Go to the Subscription tab in the settings.
  2. Under Payment history, see which payment method is listed in the last line.

To find out when your subscription is ending, tap in the upper-left corner and then tap on your account portrait. All app functions will be available to you until your paid subscription period ends.

To can't refund the money you paid for a subscription: under the terms of the license agreement, Yandex.Music fulfills its responsibilities at the time when it gives the user access to the music catalog.

If you accidentally paid for a subscription twice, read the I was charged twice section.

If you have a different question, please contact customer support.

Tip. If you want to access all of the Yandex.Music app's features but you don't want automatic subscription renewals, purchase a Yandex.Music gift code.
Attention. Deleting your account or the app does not automatically cancel your subscription.

If you purchased your subscription through the Microsoft Store, you can cancel it individually even after you delete your account. If you have deleted your account and forgot to cancel your subscription to the service or app using your bank card, please let us know.