Search the music catalog

If you want to listen to music, tap in the upper-left corner and select an option in the menu: search, recommendations, mixes, or radio.

If you want to find a specific composition or artist, in the Search section, enter your query in the search bar. In the Search section you can also find music of a particular genre.

If you want to to expand your musical horizons, go to the Recommendations section. Recommendations are made based on your tastes (the tracks, albums and artists that you listen to and add to My music). Additionally, recommendations introduce you to the music that is current and popular in the world and include your friends' favorite tracks (to hear the latter, just connect your social network profiles in the app settings).

If you want to find music from your favorite genre, a particular era, or that suits a certain mood, select the appropriate radio station. Yandex.Radio is built into the app; you can use it to listen to music of your favorite genres for free and select virtual radio stations based on your tastes.