Download music

Note. Before you download music, make sure that you have enough free space on your device. If you listen to music in regular sound quality, one hour of downloaded music will take up approximately 85 MB of space, and in high sound quality it will take up 145 MB.

To save mobile traffic, download tracks over a free Wi-Fi network.

To download a track:
  1. Find the track.
  2. If the track is not in your library yet, add it. Instead of the adding icon you will see the downloading icon — .
  3. Tap the upload icon.
To download several tracks from an album:
  1. Find the album and open it.
  2. Add the tracks that you want to save from the album to your library. The download icon will appear next to the album name.
  3. Tap the upload icon.

Additionally, you can save all the tracks from any playlist you created at once to your device. Just open the playlist and tap to the right of the name. You can't save tracks as a batch in mixes and playlists created from them.