Clear recommendations

Listen to and add your favorite music to your music library
Recommendations are based on the tracks you've previously listened to. The more music you listen to, the better the service is able to understand your tastes. To adjust the recommendations:
  • Play more tracks.
  • Mark your favorite tracks, albums, and artists with the icon.
Delete music you don't like from your music library

Mark tracks, albums, and artists that you no longer like with the icon.

Block tracks you don't like

If you don't want a track to be shown in your recommendations, tap in the player when listening to it.

Specify your favorite genres and artists
  1. On the web version of the service, go to account settings .
  2. In the Music preferences section, click Refine.
  3. Select your favorite genres. If you no longer like a genre you previously added to your favorites, tap on the genre icon.
  4. Tap the Next button.
  5. Select your favorite artists. Popular artists and your favorites from the genres you selected are displayed on the page. To remove an artist from your recommendations, tap the icon.
Rate the Playlist of the Day
To share your opinion about the "Playlist of the Day" with the Yandex.Music team:
  1. Open Playlist of the Day.
  2. At the top of the screen, tap Rate.
  3. Tell us your opinion of the playlist or which recommendations you would change, and submit your feedback.
Note. Make sure that you haven't deleted the link to and date of the playlist before submitting your feedback: this information will help our specialists to fine tune your recommendations.