Listen to new and popular music

The Selections section contains new and popular tracks. To listen to all new releases on Yandex.Music, go to the New releases tab or Playlists with new music.

To listen to tracks that are popular right now, go to the Chart tab. Tracks that Yandex.Music users listen to most frequently automatically end up in the chart. The chart updates constantly. If you want to influence the position of a track in the chart, listen to it more frequently.
Note. Listening to a track in the Chart itself will not influence that track's position.

To listen to new releases that suit your taste, go to the Recommendations section and select the Premiere playlist. New tracks that are similar to ones you like get added to this playlist automatically. The selections will be based on the genres and artists that you listened to over the past week.

Playlists are unique for each user and update once a week.

If you enjoyed listening to the current version of the Chart or the Premiere playlist, you can download it to My music as a favorite playlist.