How to improve the sound quality

To listen to music at the maximum possible bitrate:
  • In the My music section, tap in the upper-left corner and enable the High quality sound option.
  • Go to the player, tap Sound quality at the bottom of the screen, and select High.

The music catalog may include some variants of the same track of different sound qualities. When you enable this option, the sound quality is selected automatically depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection (usually this means a track with a 192 Kbit/s bitrate). When you enable the High quality sound option, the highest quality option will always play. Usually these are tracks with a 320 Kbit/s bitrate.

Note. Sound quality does not change immediately, but rather with the next track. If you want to listen to the current track in high quality, play it again.

High quality sound is only available with a paid subscription. You will use more data if you listen to music at a high bitrate. The quality of tracks that you downloaded earlier won't change.