View music library

Your music library is your personal collection of favorite tracks, artists, mixes, and albums. Your music library is linked to your account and partially synced with the music library in the Yandex Music web version.

To open your music library, go to My music. It contains:

  • Tracks: Tracks and podcasts you liked on Yandex Music, all tracks and podcasts from your playlists, and all the tracks you uploaded.
  • Albums: Albums you liked.
  • Artists: A list of all artists you liked on Yandex Music.
  • Playlists: Your playlists and the playlists from the Yandex Music catalog or compiled by other users that you liked.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts you liked.
  • Downloaded tracks: Tracks that you downloaded to your device.
The Playlists section has two tabs:
  • My: Those that you created, as well as your Favorite tracks and Liked on Radio playlists.
  • Favorites: Your favorite mixes.

Tap on the name to switch to the tab.

Note. Some tracks in the library are marked as and can't be listened to. This means that Yandex no longer has the rights to use these tracks in the app or in your region. We will do everything we can to negotiate these rights with the copyright holders of the music in question.