How much does data cost?

The average cost to listen to one hour of music is as follows:

  • If you listen to music with normal sound quality: 85 MB

  • If you listen to music with high quality sound: 145 MB

The cost to send one megabyte of data depends on your mobile operator's rates.

The app automatically saves the last several tracks you listened to. If you listen to them again, the app will load the tracks from your cache rather than requesting them again from the server. This reduces your data usage.

To listen to music over the mobile internet, it's best to have a limitless data plan. If you can't connect to a limitless plan, we recommend downloading music to your device over Wi-Fi and then turning on offline mode in the app when you leave the house.

Attention. Rates for mobile roaming are significantly higher than rates for using your home network. If you plan to travel to another region or go abroad, try using the app only in offline mode.