What is Yandex.Metro?

Yandex.Metro helps you plan your metro journey in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, and Kharkiv.

There are two options for planning your route:

Option 1

Enter your start and destination stations in the From and To fields.

Option 2

Select your start and destination stations on the map.

Once you have selected the two points, the shortest route will be shown on the map:

To zoom the map in or out, simply click or .

The route card to the left displays additional information about your journey:

  • Average journey time. The time only includes the journey time between the metro stations and for transfers between lines. It does not include the time spent on the escalators at your start and destination stations.

  • Route map. This also shows which carriage to take if you want to arrive close to the exit.

  • Get link to route button. To share your created route, simply click this button and then copy and paste the generated link:

By default, the route card displays the details of the shortest route. If there are multiple routes between your start and destination stations, you will see additional lines indicating the number of transfers and the journey time. To learn more about a route, click on it: