Setting up goals

If you don't have any goals set up, first read the section What are goals? Types of goals. If you have goals set up but you believe they aren't working correctly, follow these recommendations.

Yandex.Metrica can't register conversions if:
  • The tag isn't installed on the target page. If you believe the tag is installed, make sure it is installed correctly.
  • Other scripts are blocking the tag on the site.
  • The tag is blogged by the AdblockPlus extension, another similar add-on, or antivirus software.
  • The user left the page before the tag loaded.

Select the type of goal to see recommendations:

Check that:

  • The URL of the target page opens.
  • The URL of the target page is correctly specified in the goal settings.
  • The goal settings have conditions that aren't overly strict (“url: contains”, but not “url: matches”).

Check that:
  • The reachGoal method is called on the target page.
  • The goal identifier in the reachGoal method matches the identifier in the tag settings.

Watch the video tutorial about checking a JavaScript event goal.

Make sure that:
  • Steps in the multi-step goal are set in the correct order, so that none of the steps can be completed without finishing the previous step.
  • Each of the steps in a multi-step goal must be achievable. Make sure that all the goal steps are configured correctly according to their type.