Yandex.Direct — costs

This report contains information about the number and cost of clicks on ads in Yandex.Direct. This data is supplemented with session information (for example, the bounce rate, session depth, and time on site). All the information needed for analyzing the performance of Yandex.Direct campaigns can be shown in a single report.

Session information is only available for the counter installed on the website that a Yandex.Direct campaign ad leads to.

Note. Reports provide statistics starting from 1 November 2015.

The report supports some customization features (such as segmentation, segment comparison, and goal selection). When creating a goal-based report, the “clicks”, “CPC”, and “average CPC” don't change.


VAT is included when calculating CPC, and the CPC itself is shown in the currency that is used in the Yandex.Direct account settings. Information about the CPC may differ depending on whether the account has been converted to the payment currency.

If you converted the account to the payment currency (such as rubles), the CPC is calculated with the discount (if one was awarded before 1 September 2015), and available in two currency types: rubles and Yandex units.

When selecting one of the currencies, the CPC might be zero if bids in Yandex.Direct were calculated in a different currency during the selected time period.

Accessing data

In order to view the report, you must have guest access to the Yandex.Metrica counter and the Yandex.Direct campaigns that you want to get information about. Let's look at an example.

The counter belongs to one account (A1), and the Yandex.Direct campaign belongs to another account (A2).

Viewing a report under the Yandex.Metrica account (A1)

To view the report under the A1 account, the owner of the Yandex.Direct (A2) account should add the A1 account to the list of representatives for the campaigns in Yandex.Direct (if the owner has sufficient rights to do this).

Viewing a report under the Yandex.Direct account (A2)

To view the report under the A2 account, the owner of the Yandex.Metrica counter (A1) should grant guest access to the counter for the owner of the Yandex.Direct account.

If you have access to the campaigns of multiple Yandex.Direct clients, the list of these clients' chief representatives will be available in the Yandex.Metrica interface.