Monitoring results

The monitoring tool notifies advertisers of possible problems with their site availability. The monitoring algorithm checks site availability by requesting the home page.

Site availability is tested by a distributed system of robots, and reports are generated based on data from the group of tests by the distributed monitoring system. The Yandex.Metrica robot that checks your site's availability collects data for the report.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Monitoring → Monitoring results.

Conditions for getting the report

In order for monitoring to work, you must correctly specify the website address on the tag editing page and subscribe to notifications.

Report structure and settings

When you subscribe to monitoring notifications, two types of messages will start arriving at the email address you specified:

  • A message about site problems, if the site is not responding.
  • A message about the site being restored, when the site comes back online.
Monitoring is disabled if:
  • The site is unavailable for more than seven days in a row. When monitoring is disabled, a notification message is sent to the email address that you entered in notification settings. Your subscription to notifications will then be canceled. To continue receiving messages about the site, subscribe again.

The report contains the following information:

  • Time intervals when the site was available or unavailable.
  • Uptime — the percent of time the site was available during the selected period.
  • The hosting provider's server response code in each of the time periods.

This table shows information about errors that caused site unavailability.

Error code Description Possible reason for error
Bad Gateway Invalid message from the proxy server The server the site is hosted on is overloaded or incorrectly configured
Bad request Syntactic error in request The web server or website software is not set up properly
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Exceeded the limit on traffic The site has been disabled because of exceeding the limit on traffic

Connection refused

Web server refused the connection request The server the site is hosted on is overloaded or disabled
Connection timed out The time for connecting to the server has expired

The server the site is hosted on is overloaded or has an incorrectly configured firewall.

The server connection time is 10 seconds.

Forbidden Access forbidden The server's access rights to the site are incorrectly configured
Gateway Timeout The gateway or proxy server did not get a response from the higher-level server for completing the request The server the site is hosted on is overloaded or incorrectly configured
Gone Resource unavailable The site was removed from hosting or is not available for technical reasons
Internal Server Error Internal server error Error in the site or hosting software
IP address is unknown

Unknown IP address

The address of the site's DNS server is incorrectly configured
Loop detected The server detected an infinite loop when processing the request WebDAV is incorrectly configured for the site
Maximum redirect reached: 5 Reached the maximum number of redirects: number of redirects Redirects are incorrectly configured on the site. A redirect might be looping back to itself.
Network is unreachable Network unavailable There are networking problems on the site's host or on intermediary nodes in the internet
No Content Response without contents The web server is incorrectly configured
No response received after 10 s No response was received from the web server within the specified number of seconds

The site's host server is overloaded, or the network channel to the server is overloaded.

The server is taking too long to process the request, such as waiting for a response from a database

No route to host Hosting is unavailable There are networking problems on the site's host, or DNS is not configured properly

Not found

Page not found The site was removed from hosting or incorrectly configured
Not Implemented The server does not support the features needed for processing the request The server the site is hosted on is incorrectly configured
Not Modified Document was not changed The web server is incorrectly configured
Remotely Closed Web server closed the connection The server the site is hosted on is overloaded. There may be problems with the server configuration
Request Timeout Time for passing the request expired The channel to the server is too slow

Service Unavailable

Server unavailable

Temporary technical problems on the server side when processing requests
Response from is longer than 1048576 The size of the server's response is larger than 1 MB Exceeded the size of the server response. There may be an error in the server settings
Too Many Requests Exceeded the maximum number of requests
Unauthorized Access to the requested resource requires authentication The server's access rights to the site are incorrectly configured
Unavailable For Legal Reasons Access is forbidden for legal reasons For more information, contact your hosting provider

Questions and answers

Monitoring shows that my site is not available

To check site availability, a robot is used with the following type of User Agent string:

User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexMetrika/2.0; + yabs01)

In some cases, the server settings forbid accepting requests from unknown User Agents or certain IP addresses. This may trigger false notifications about site unavailability.

To get more information about what is causing errors, contact your webmaster with the monitoring data.