“Yandex Advertising Network” group reports

Site owners who participate in the Yandex Advertising Network can use this report group to analyze ad performance and increase earnings. For example, you can find out which traffic sources are the most profitable, even down to the exact search terms. You can also track the performance of each section on your site and monitor the average revenue per user.

Attention. Revenue data that is provided by Yandex.Metrica might differ from the data in the Yandex Advertising Network interface by up to 10%. If Yandex Advertising Network blocks are placed in a frame on your site, the data might not be displayed in reports.
  1. Metrics available in reports
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Metrics available in reports

ARPU (Average revenue per user) — The average revenue produced by a single site user.

eCPM (Effective cost per mille) — The cost of one thousand renderings of an ad block.

CPMV (Cost per mille viewable ads) — The cost of one thousand ad block impressions, with consideration for ad block viewability.

RPM (Revenue per mille) — The cost of one thousand requests for all blocks, including those that failed to have ads matched to them.

Requests — Requests for ad code, such as requests to the Yandex RTB system.

Renderings — Requests that resulted in successfully selecting an ad to serve (such as requests to the Yandex RTB system), meaning there were ads or banners that met the CPM threshold.

Ad overload — The average number of ad renderings per site user for the selected report period.

Impressions — Displaying an ad block, ad or banner on a site page to a user. In the Yandex Advertising Network, ad impressions are registered after checking the viewability of ad blocks.

Estimated revenue — Approximate cost of ad impressions that occurred during the selected report period. This metric does not include income from showing ads and may differ from your total revenue for the month, for instance.

Percentage of visibility — The ratio of the number of impressions to the number of renderings.

Reports in this group

Reports are available in the menu under Reports → Standard reports → Monetization → Yandex Advertising Network. This group includes the following reports:

YAN, sources
Helps you analyze metrics in the context of traffic sources for user sessions on the site.
YAN, geo
Helps you analyze metrics in the context of site users' location.
YAN, devices
Use this report to analyze metrics in the context of devices that users accessed the site on.
YAN, browsers
Use this report to analyze metrics in the context of browsers used for viewing the site.
YAN, ad blocker use
Use this report to assess the percentage of ads that were blocked by users.
YAN, pages with ad events
This reports shows URL parameters on the site's pages that had at least one advertising event registered. Event examples are an ad request, a rendering, or a confirmed impression.

You can generate most reports using segmentation, goals, extra dimensions and metrics.