Reports overview

Report groups

The big picture on site traffic and the dynamics of conversion rate.
The distribution of sessions by sources that lead users to the site: ads, search queries, social networks, etc.
An analysis of users' characteristics: region, gender and age, interests, the number and frequency of sessions on the site, etc.

Users' interaction with the site's content:

Observing site users:
Data on devices, operating systems, browsers, and other software used by visitors.
The results of monitoring site availability and the load on the site.
Target Call
Call statistics from potential customers that go to your site or find your number out from various sources. Available to users of the Target Call tool.

General information and itemized details about products and orders on your website (online store), such as:

  • The number of items added to the basket and purchased items.
  • Revenue from all orders, or the revenue from a single order.
  • Sources of the most profitable orders.