“Ad systems” report

This report shows data on traffic from ads in various ad systems.

The following additional conditions must be met to collect statistics:

In order for the report to show information about Yandex.Direct campaigns, you need to take these steps in Yandex.Direct on the Campaign parameters page:
  • Enter the counter number in the Metrica counters box.

  • Keep the Tag links for Metrica option enabled (links from Yandex.Direct ads will have the yclid=... tag appended to them).

To accurately detect Yandex.Display as the traffic source, you can use UTM or Openstat tags, which should specify the yadisplay value for utm_source or Openstat Service.
Other advertising systems

Yandex.Metrica receives information about different advertising systems from tags, which are parameters in the ad's link. If an ad system does not add a special tag to your link, you can manually form the link using UTM or Openstat tags, where utm_source or, respectively, Openstat Service should be set as:

  • adfox — for AdFox
  • admitad — for Admitad
  • adnews — for AdNews
  • adriver — for AdRiver
  • advmaker — for
  • aport — for Aport
  • AvitoPromo — for Avito Promo
  • AvitoContext — for Avito Context
  • begun — for Begun
  • B2BContext — for B2BContext
  • facebook — for Facebook
  • google, adwords, or adsense — for Google
  • kavanga — for Kavanga
  • link — for LinkRU
  • magna — for Magna Context
  • marketgid — for MarketGid
  • medialand — for Medialand
  • merchant — for Google Merchant
  • moimir — for Moi mir
  • odnoklassniki — for Odnoklassniki
  • prre — for PRRE.RU
  • mytarget — for myTarget (Target
  • trorer or rorer — for RORER
  • Ttarget — for tTarget
  • videonow — for
  • vkontakte — for VK

and use the resulting link in your ad campaign.

If the value of the utm_source parameter is not specified correctly in the UTM tag, Yandex.Metrica detects the ad source from the value of the utm_medium parameter. If the source was detected this way, the report shows the row Other ad: determined by tags.

In some cases, the source might be unknown. Unknown means that some of the session characteristics were not detected, although the session itself was registered in the system.

For example, for sessions originating from Yandex.Direct, this means that the session that Yandex.Metrica registered couldn't be traced to a specific click-through from Yandex.Direct. So besides the advertising system itself, the rest of the data couldn't be detected either: the campaign, keyword, query, and so on.


There are many reasons why sessions might be “undetected” in Yandex.Metrica. For example, the reason for Unknown appearing in a Yandex.Direct source might be a gap in time between generating the yclid tag and registering the session in Yandex.Metrica. This can happen in the following situations:

  • The user clicked an ad but left the source page open on a browser tab, and later refreshed it.
  • The user clicked a link from an ad, but then forwarded it to someone else. A repeat visit using this link won't be associated with the click from Yandex.Direct, either.
  • Redirects on the site might cause the yclid tag to disappear from the link and the referrer to be lost (the HTTP Referer header).