Connecting multiple numbers to the same traffic source

To connect two or more numbers to a single traffic source, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the phone numbers on the site, following the instructions in Enabling Target Call

    We recommend using the class attribute for markup. For example, a site displays two numbers, for Moscow and St. Petersburg:

    <span class="ya-phone-1">+7 (495) 123-45-67</span>
    <span class="ya-phone-2">+7 (812) 765-43-21</span>
    • +7 (495) 123-4567 is the Moscow phone number.
    • +7 (812) 765-43-21 is the St. Petersburg phone number.
    • class is an attribute of the replaceable element.
    • ya-phone-1 and ya-phone-2 are element names.
  2. Connect the first number for Target Call and indicate the desired traffic sources. At this point, do not fill in the Replacement parameters section.

  3. Connect the second number without specifying the traffic sources. Still do not fill in the Replacement parameters section yet.

    After this, the system will assign you two numbers: +7 (495) 111-11-11 linked to a traffic source, and +7 (812) 222-22-22 without source linking.

  4. Edit the number that is linked to a traffic source. Fill in the Replacement parameters section like this:

After connecting and setting up Target Call, test the number substitution.