Setting up substitution if the number is shown as an image

If the phone number on your site is displayed as an image, you can set up substitution by following these steps:

  1. Wrap the img element in another replaceable element. For example:

    <div class="ya-phone"><img src=​"my-phone.png"/></div>


    • my-phone.png is the image with your phone number.
    • class is an attribute of the replaceable element.
    • ya-phone is the element name.
  2. Get a special number, as explained in Step 2. Connecting a Target Call number and prepare an image with this number. Give the image a name, such as ya-phone.png, and put it in the directory where the my-phone.png image is located.
  3. Click Edit number on the page. In the number editing window, instead of the substitution macro, enter the name of the file with the image of the special number (in our example, this is the file ya-phone.png).