Target Call 2.0

Target Call is a Yandex.Metrica tool that lets you analyze phone statistics and compare the effectiveness of different advertising channels, in particular:

  • Ads, search engines, social networks, and other traffic sources that bring users to the company's website.
  • Offline advertising: outdoor advertising, booklets, business cards, etc.

You receive a special telephone number for each source that interests you. You can assign the special number to a traffic source and this number will automatically be displayed on your site instead of the usual phone number, for all users that come to your site from this source.

Calls to special numbers are registered by Yandex.Metrica and redirected to your usual contact number, but information about them is displayed in the Target Call group of reports.

You can use this service if your real number has the area code 495, 498, 499, 800, 812, 831, or 846 (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and surrounding area, or Samara and surrounding area). Numbers with the 800 code are not issued. When adding a number with a 800 code, a number with the 495 code will be issued.


The number substitution service is a fee-based service. The cost for one number is 11 rubles a day (including VAT). The minimum amount for topping up the account is 330 rubles. Before connecting a number, top up your personal account.

Funds start being deducted from the time the number is enabled in the Target Call interface.

What is required in order to enable the service

You can associate Target Call with a tag if you are:

To begin using Target Call:

  1. Check whether a Yandex.Metrica tag is installed on your site. If not, install one.

    Note. Phone numbers will be substituted only on pages where the tag is installed.