Changes to goal tracking

Yandex.Metrica has updated the algorithm for collecting data on goals. We have changed the type of some of the goals you use to make statistics on them more accurate. These are mostly goals like Page views.

In addition to sessions, Yandex.Metrica in some cases also counted other events (such as button clicks) in the goal statistics if the event ID contained a fragment of the target page address.

For example, part of the URL of the target page (registration page) in the "Registration on website" goal condition contained the registration fragment. At the same time, for the “Registration on website” goal, the “Successful registration” conversion, which is a JavaScript event with the ID registrationComplete, was also recorded.

Goals like “Page views”, where 99% of conversions are other site events, have now been replaced by JavaScript event type goals. This affects goals with imprecise settings.

For example, when there is no page on a site with the URL specified in the goal conditions or when an event ID was added to the goal conditions instead of a URL fragment.

We have converted the page address fragment that was used as a condition for such goals to a “JavaScript event” goal ID.

Now only those events that correspond to the goal type are displayed in the goal statistics.

For example, the target page URL in the “Purchase” goal condition contained the fragment purchase (purchase). At the same time, there are no pages on the site with this fragment in the address.

Yandex.Metrica determined that in this case, the goal was achieved specifically with the purchase JavaScript event. We have replaced this kind of goal with the “JavaScript event” type goal where the event ID contains purchase.

How the goal was displayed before the changes

How the goal is displayed now

In other cases, several conditions were specified when setting up a Page views type goal. If an inaccuracy is recorded for at least one of them (other target events were recorded in the statistics), the goal is changed to Multi-step.

The condition for the multi-step goal step will be the condition according to which Yandex.Metrica recorded the conversion.

How the goal was displayed before the changes

How the goal is displayed now

Please make sure data is displayed correctly for the goals where the type has been changed. If you notice any inaccuracies or have any questions, please contact us using the form below.

If the data on the goal differs from the actual data or you want to check the correctness of the goals, please describe the situation in the form.