“Page depth” goal

This type of goal lets you track sessions during which users viewed a specific number of pages.

  1. How to create a “Page depth” goal
  2. Restrictions

How to create a “Page depth” goal

  1. In the Yandex.Metrica interface, go to Settings → Goals.
  2. Click Add goal.
  3. In the Name box, enter a name for the goal to create.
  4. Set the option to Page depth.
  5. In the Pageviews field, specify an integer greater than 1.
  6. Click Add goal. The created goal will appear in the list of goals.
  7. Click Save. Yandex.Metrica begins collecting statistics within a few minutes after saving settings.


  • A maximum of 200 goals can be set for each tag.
  • The service registers a user completing the same goal on the same tag no more than once per second.
  • During a single user session, the service can register up to 400 completions of all the goals created for the tag.
  • If you edit the tag or a goal, all the previously collected information does not change.
  • If you delete a goal, the information collected for it will not be available in reports.