You must specify the site's domain.

Counter number
A unique number that identifies the data store associated with the counter. It is assigned by the system automatically when the counter is created, and can't be changed. It is specified during initialization of the counter on a page.
Counter name

The specified name is shown on the My counters page and in the upper menu for switching between counters. If it is not set, the Site domain name is used instead.

Website domain

The main domain of the site. Required information. Don't include the prefix of the schema or protocol (http://, https://).

Additional domains

You may need to enter additional domains in the following cases:

  • The same site with the same installed counter responds from different addresses.
  • You want to get statistics for multiple sites using a single counter.

Click-throughs between all of the set domains are interpreted as internal clicks.

If the report shows data on page views that don't belong to your domain and you don't need this data, select Receive data only from specified domains.

This situation can arise in the following cases:

  • Someone initialized a counter with your number on their own site (probably by mistake).
  • Your site's pages were being viewed via a proxy service.
  • There is an almost exact copy of your pages on other domains. When copying content, the counter code was also copied.

The Including subdomains option lets you include subdomains of the main site and additional sites for filtration (,, ...).

Visit timeout in minutes

This is how long a user is inactive on the site. When the specified number of minutes has passed, the session will be considered ended. The session timeout must be an integer between 30 and 360. By default, it is 30 minutes.