Using ClientID and UserID

Yandex.Metrica automatically assigns a ClientID to each unique site user. This ID is anonymous: it is randomly generated and identifies the browser that was used to view the site. This means that if the same user viewed your site from two different browsers, two different ClientIDs will be registered in Yandex.Metrica.

If necessary, you can assign your own IDs to your site users and transmit them to Yandex.Metrica as the UserID.

These IDs are used for transmitting user parameters and for tracking offline conversions. In addition, you can use the ClientID in Yandex.Metrica reports without transmitting additional data:

As a dimension
  1. In the report, click Dimensions.
  2. Choose the dimension Audience → ClientID.
As a condition for segmentation
  1. In the report, click .
  2. Choose the condition Characteristics → ClientID.