Checking the tag

To check whether the code snippet was installed correctly:
  1. Append the ym_debug=1 parameter to the page URL in the browser's address bar and reload the page.
  2. Open the browser console with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J ( + + J for Apple OS).

    If the snippet is installed correctly, the console will show the tag ID and the data that is sent by the snippet.

    If the console displays information about the tag number and the action on the page (for example, PageView), then the tag is working correctly.

  3. If there's no information in the console, look at the following causes:
    • The tag is not installed on the site. For example, the CMS modified the code snippet. Reinstall the tag or contact the support service for your CMS.
    • The tag is installed incorrectly.
    • Other scripts are blocking the Yandex.Metrica tag on the site. You can check this in the browser console.

    • The tag is blocked by the Adblock Plus extension.
    • The domain is blocked in the hosts file on your OS.

    To solve the issue, please contact the person responsible for maintaining the website.

  4. If the console displays the information, but you can't access the reports, check the tag settings in the Filters tab:

    • If the filters are too strict, you can remove the ones you don't need.
    • If Don't count my sessions is set as a filter, try opening the site in your browser in «Incognito mode».