Tag access

Guest access

To give another Yandex user access to your statistics:

  1. Go to the Access tab (in the Individual access section) and click Add user.
  2. In the window that opens, enter the username of the user to grant access to. Select the access level in the drop-down list:
    • “View only” — The user can only view settings and statistics for your tag. However, the user can't save segments when generating a report, save reports, or add reports to favorites.
    • “Editing” — The user can fully manage a tag (except delete it).
  3. Click Add and then Save.

To view statistics as a guest, the user should be registered and logged in to Yandex.

Representative access

The representatives feature is designed for those who want to collaboratively manage Yandex.Metrica tags from different accounts (usernames).

You can grant anyone with a Yandex username representative access to your Yandex.Metrica account. Representatives receive full rights to view, edit, and delete any of the tags under the account (including guest tags).

Note. If the tracking tag is linked to an organization in Yandex.Connect, it won't be accessible for all representatives. Learn more.
To add a new representative:
  1. Go to Representatives.
  2. In the New representative field, enter the username of the user you want to grant access to.
Note. All representatives automatically receive access to all new tags that are added.

To view or edit tags under an account that you represent, click Account in the top-right corner of the page.

Access to “Monetization” reports

Attention. Access rights to the “Monetization” report group are displayed only for tags that are configured in the Yandex Advertising Network interface.
Rights for a user with tag access

If the user has Editing access, they already have access to “Monetization” group reports.

If the user has “View only” access, you can change it:
  1. Go to Settings → Access.
  2. Click next to the appropriate user.
  3. Select the permission type with access to the “Monetization” report group. The user can view reports and add dimensions and metrics from the “Monetization” group to other reports.
Rights for a user without tag access

Grant the user special access to your Yandex.Metrica tag:

  1. Go to Settings → Access.
  2. Click Add user.
  3. In the window that opens, fill in the fields.
  4. Select the permission type with access to the “Monetization” report group. The user can view reports and add dimensions and metrics from the “Monetization” group to other reports.
How to revoke access to reports
Change the type of user access to the Yandex.Metrica tag:
  1. Go to Settings → Access.
  2. Click next to the appropriate user.
  3. Choose the permission type “View only: without Monetization”.

Restoring access to a tag

Choose a situation:

Lost password

Click the link Forgot your password? and choose a method for restoring access, such as by answering the secret question you set during registration.

If you couldn't restore access on the first attempt, try other ways of spelling the answer to the secret question or change your keyboard layout. You can try other recovery options, such as a secondary email address or a free SMS to your mobile phone if you previously specified the number in your account settings.

If you couldn't restore your password, support can transfer your tag to a different account.

Forgotten username

The Support service can remind you of the username that the Yandex.Metrica tag was registered under.

  1. Anywhere in your website's code, add the phrase <!--Yandex.Metrica login-->.
  2. Fill in the form below.

Transferring a tag to a different account

To transfer a tag to a different account, choose the appropriate situation:

If you are the tag owner
  1. Log in to Yandex.Metrica with the username that the tag is registered for.
  2. In Settings, go to the Counter tab and click Transfer to another account. Follow the instructions in the window that opens.

If you need to transfer more than 10 tags to another account, fill in the form:

If you are not the tag owner
  1. In Yandex.Webmaster confirm the right to manage the website for which you want to transfer a tag. To do this, log in to Yandex.Webmaster under the account that you want to transfer the tag to.
  2. Fill in the special form. The tag will be transferred if it only tracks the website that you confirmed in Yandex.Webmaster.
The tag is linked to an organization in Yandex.Connect

If a tag is linked to an organization in Yandex.Connect, you won't be able to transfer it to another account through Yandex.Metrica. You can use Yandex.Connect to transfer tag ownership rights to another account.

Tag access in Yandex.Connect

Attention. This option is in beta mode.

Yandex.Connect makes it easier for your company's employees to collaborate. If your company uses a Yandex.Metrica tag that multiple employees need access to, you can manage rights using Yandex.Connect. This includes granting access to new employees and revoking the rights of former employees. To do this, you have to link the Yandex.Metrica tag to the organization in Yandex.Connect.

Note. You can link an unlimited number of tags to a single organization. You can't link one tag to multiple organizations.
Conditions for linking a tag to an organization in Yandex.Connect:
  • Only the tag owner can link the tag.
  • Individual access to the tag is granted to two or more users.
  • If the tag owner was already added to Yandex.Connect, they can only link the tag to their organization.
  • Users who have access to the tag are not part of the organization in Yandex.Connect the organization that the tag owner belongs to.

To link a tag:

  1. In Yandex.Metrica, go to the Settings page under the Access tab.
  2. In the block on the right, click Connect.
  3. Link the tag to your organization by following the instructions in the window that appears.
After linking:
  • The tag owner will be the user responsible for Yandex.Metrica. The former owner still has access to edit the tag.
  • If you created an organization while linking the tag, you're its administrator and are responsible for Yandex.Metrica in Yandex.Connect. This means that you have full rights to manage the tag.
  • Individual access rights can only be managed in Yandex.Connect. The list of users and their current access rights is still displayed In Yandex.Metrica.
  • You can configure public access to the tag in Yandex.Metrica.

If you unlinked a tag from an organization, its users and representatives will still have access to it, but you'll only be able to manage tag access rights via Yandex.Metrica.

Representative and user access to a tag after linking to an organization

In Yandex.Metrica, a representative can only see tags that aren't linked to the organization in Yandex.Connect.

  • The tag owner's representative is added to the organization with the right to edit the tag.
  • User representatives with guest access aren't added to the organization, which means they lose access to the tag. To grant access again, add this user to the organization in Yandex.Connect and configure access to the tag.

If you have any questions related to linking tags to organizations in Yandex.Connect or managing tag access rights, please fill out the form below.