Managing tag access

You can authorize other Yandex.Metrica users to view your site statistics on the tag editing page.

  1. Guest access
  2. Representative access
  3. Transferring a tag to a different account

Guest access

To give another Yandex user access to your statistics:

  1. Go to the Access tab (in the Individual access section) and click Add user.
  2. In the window that opens, enter the username to grant access to. Select the access level in the drop-down list:
    • “View only” — The user can only view settings and statistics for your tag. However, the user can't save segments when generating a report, save a report, or add a report to favorites.
    • “Access to edit” — The user can fully manage the tag (except delete it).
  3. Click Add, then click Save.

To view statistics as a guest, the user should register and log in on Yandex.

To grant access to statistics for any internet user, go to Public access to statistics and set the option to On. You will see a box with the URL for viewing statistics for this tag.

If you installed a Yandex.Metrica informer on your site, then you can click on it to access public statistics.

Users who view publicly accessible statistics will not see the following data:

Representative access

The representatives feature is designed for those who want to collaboratively manage Yandex.Metrica tags from different accounts (usernames).

You can grant complete access to your Yandex.Metrica account to anyone with a Yandex username. Representatives receive full rights to view, edit and delete any of the account's tags (including guest tags).

To add a new representative, go to the Representatives section and enter the username in the New representative field.

All representatives automatically get access to all new tags that are added.

To view or edit tags under another account that you represent, click Account in the top right corner of the page.

Transferring a tag to a different account

If you are the tag owner

To transfer the tag to a different username:

  1. Log in to Yandex.Metrica with the username that the tag is registered for.
  2. In Settings (on the Tag tab), click Transfer tag and follow the instructions in the window that opens.

If you need to transfer more than 10 tags to another account, fill in the form:

If you are not the tag owner

To transfer the tag to a different username, confirm site rights for the new username in Yandex.Webmaster. After this, fill in the form: