Deleting ad spending data

Note. Yandex.Direct data cannot be deleted.

To delete data uploaded from Yandex.Metrica, create a CSV file and specify in it what information you want to delete.

Field name Required Description Example
Date Yes

Period that data is transmitted for. It can be a day or an interval of time.

In the Unix Time Stamp format under the ISO 8601 standard (YYYY-MM-DD). To specify a date range, use /.



UTMSource No

The value of the UTM tag that is specified in the URL of the link in the ad.

Note the case of the characters in the tag value. It must match the case that was specified when loading the data.

UTMCampaign No new
UTMMedium No cpc
UTMTerm No shirt-blue
UTMContent No shirt
Note. If you have uploaded data from multiple services to Yandex.Metrica (Provider) and want to delete data only from some of them, use the API. If you delete information in the Yandex.Metrica web interface, data from all providers will be deleted for the specified period.
Deleting data about a specific advertising source for a specific period

For example, to delete data about an Instagram ad campaign for the period from March 1 to March 15, fill in the file like this:

Deleting all data for a period

To delete all data for a certain period, only indicate the required dates in the Date field of the file:

Example of deleting a file

You can delete uploaded data:
  1. In Yandex.Metrica, go to Settings (Upload data tab).
  2. In Advertising expenses, select Delete data.