Format of transmitted data on ad spending

You can send ad spending data to Yandex.Metrica in CSV format.

Specification for the CSV format

Overview of the CSV format

Example file for uploading data

Fields for transmitting data
Field name Required Description Example
Date Yes

Period that data is transmitted for. It can be a day or an interval of time.

In the Unix Time Stamp format under the ISO 8601 standard (YYYY-MM-DD). To specify a date range, use /.



Expenses Yes The amount that was spent on advertising without VAT. 50,000
Currency No Three-letter ISO 4217 currency code. If the currency is not specified, Yandex.Metrica uses the currency specified in the tag settings to generate reports. RUB
UTMSource Yes

The value of the UTM tag that is specified in the URL of the link in the ad.

Note the case of the characters in the tag value.

UTMCampaign No new
UTMMedium No cpc
UTMTerm No shirt-blue
UTMContent No shirt
Clicks No Number of clicks on ads. 100