About Yandex.Metrica mobile app

You can use the Yandex.Metrica mobile app to track site statistics and manage some tag settings. You can use the app if you already have at least one Yandex.Metrica tag.

The app has limited functionality.
What you can do with the Yandex.Metrica mobile app
  • Configure summaries to display the metrics important to you on the home screen.
  • Manage access, including to “Monetization” group reports.
  • Get reports on sessions for the current day. View depersonalized information for each session on a site, including the time of the session, the source, the number of goals achieved, and the session parameters.
  • Receive user reports. View depersonalized information about user sessions.
  • Get standard reports.
  • See reports on conversions for created goals.

When viewing statistics, you can use the standard report settings, but not create segments. Only segments that were set by the service or previously saved are available.

What is unavailable
  • Session Replay recordings.
  • Click maps, link maps, and scroll maps.
  • Creating and managing segments.
  • Saved reports and “Favorites”.
  • Scheduled reports.
  • Target Calls (setting up and viewing reports).
  • Content statistics.
  • Creating and configuring tags and accessing their codes.
  • Creating and editing goals.
  • Adding and removing representatives.

The app syncs with the web interface.

Download the app for iOS

Available for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) starting from version 9.3.

Download the app for Android

Available for all Android phones and tablets starting from version 4.1.

Read more about Yandex.Metrica in Help.