Requirements for messages in public chats and comments on Yandex services

Many Yandex services let users engage in discussions, share their opinions, and leave comments using a special platform or function. To ensure that the nature of these exchanges remains civil and helpful, all publicly visible messages and comments are checked for compliance with the rules set forth below.

The following are subject to moderation

Comments and messages in public chats in Yandex Browser, Yandex.Video, Yandex.Mirror, Yandex.Collections, Yandex.News, Yandex.Sport, on Turbo pages, and any other public discussions in Yandex.Chats.

Posts that don't comply with the rules may be hidden or deleted. Repeated violations may result in the author's account being blocked.

Note. Content published on a service (for example, news text, images, videos), and not in the comments or chats, is regulated by the Terms of Use for that service and the User Agreement for Yandex Services.

In public chats and on the comment platform, messages may not be published if they contain the following:

Toxic behavior and insults

Every Yandex user has the right to express their point of view, even if it's unpopular. However, messages written with the intent of offending or humiliating someone may not be published on Yandex pages. Trolling and other forms of provocation and bullying are also prohibited.

Treat each other with respect and don't use language that other users may find offensive. Communicate politely without aggression, even if you don't agree with someone else's opinion. Be sure your message doesn't contain any profanity and pay attention to its general meaning.

Refrain from posting content with the intent to harm or cause readers to experience negative feelings or a desire to cause harm to themselves or their health.

Hate speech

Hate speech is an expression of hatred using any language or artistic means.

Don't publish information that promotes hatred or discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social, or other grounds.

Don't post information that contains threats, promises to harm, incites violence, or causes material or moral damage to others engaged in the conversation or third parties.


Try not to use obscene or rude language or slang. Not everyone appreciates such content.

Multiple errors and incomplete text

Write properly. Don't use all capital letters or a lot of special characters in messages. These make it harder to read.

Don't send unsigned texts, uninformative messages with random characters, or incoherent messages. Don't overuse emojis, especially in topical discussions, like comments to a news story. They don't make the conversation any more meaningful.

Don't leave posts or comments that consist of only a link. The message must be understood without going to another source.

Suspicious links

Don't post links to content that doesn't comply with these rules.

Shocking content

Detailed descriptions and images of injuries, diseases, deformities, corpses, accidents and catastrophes, violence against people and animals, childbirth, and similar content may disgust or shock readers. They're not welcome on our services.

Explicit content

Don't post pornographic information that describes or demonstrates sexual relations or is explicitly sexual in nature.

Don't post obscene comments, including about someone's appearance, or offer intimate services.

Borrowed content

Don't use or upload content that belongs to third parties without their consent.

If a publication contains images or videos created by you, specify the authors or source. If you quote someone, put the quote in quotation marks and specify the author.

Deliberately false information

Share only true, verified information. Don't mislead users.

Deliberately false information includes attempts to impersonate a third party, hoaxes, clickbait headlines, and so on.

Advertising and spam

On Yandex services, you can share opinions about things like movies and program, read and leave comments on the topic of discussion, and write reviews. Advertising messages that promote goods and services and interfere with free discussion are inappropriate.

Don't post commercial messages aimed at drawing attention to a product, work, service, or brand, ads for the sale of goods, the performance of work, or provision of services, or links to third-party resources with such offers. You can recommend a product or service if a user asks for it or if you want to share your experience using a product or contacting the organization.

Don't send spam that is unrelated to the content of a publication and distributed to users who aren't initially interested in it. Don't send a lot of stickers in a row in one chat. This may also be recognized as spam.

Begging and extortion on service pages are also not allowed.

Personal information

Don't share personal information about yourself or others in posts or comments. This information includes:

  • Passport information (series and number) or information from other documents.
  • Contact information, including phone number, address, and email address.
  • Bank card details.
  • Usernames and passwords.

Dangerous and illegal content

Don't publish information that is prohibited by law or that threatens the rights and interests of third parties and Yandex.

Information is considered illegal and dangerous if it:

  • Contains calls to commit illegal actions or potentially dangerous activities, including those that show signs of extremism, calls to participate in mass riots, and so on.
  • Violates or threatens to violate the rights of users and third parties.
  • Violates legislative requirements.
  • Threatens the security of the service and its proper operation.

If you notice a post or comment that violates the rules or if you believe that your message was deleted by mistake, contact support.