Community rules for chats, channels, and the comment platform

Using Yandex.Chats

Yandex.Chats is an instant messaging service for communicating with friends and strangers. We strive to make every chat convenient and secure, and do our best to protect our users from spam and fraud.

We automatically check user activity in Yandex.Chats and, if we detect suspicious behavior (for example, if a single user creates a large number of chats within a short time or sends a large number of similar or identical messages), we can restrict access to the service or its individual features.

Access to Yandex.Chats can also be restricted due to complaints from other users. You can report unwanted messages by clicking This is spam when you receive a message or chat invitation from a person that isn't in your contact list.

Requirements for messages and comments

Many Yandex services lets users communicate, exchange opinions, and leave comments through special platforms or service features. To ensure all exchanges are civil, messages and comments are checked for compliance with the rules below.

The following are checked

Comments and chat messages in Yandex Browser, Yandex.Video, Yandex.Mirror, Yandex.Collections, Yandex.News, Yandex.Sports, Turbo pages, and in any other discussions in Yandex.Chats.

Posts that don't comply with the rules may be hidden or removed. If the violation is repeated, the author's account may be blocked.

Note. Content, such as news text, images, or videos, which is published on the service itself rather than in comments or chats, is regulated by the respective service's Terms of Use and User Agreement for Yandex Services.

In chats and on the comment platform, you may not post messages that contain:

Offensive judgement

Every Yandex user has the right to express their point of view, even if it's unpopular. However, you can't post messages on Yandex pages with the purpose of offending or humiliating someone. Trolling, other forms of provocation, and bullying are also prohibited.

Respect one another and don't use language that may offend other users. Be polite and avoid aggression, even if you disagree with someone else's opinion. Be sure that your message doesn't contain any profanities and that the overall message isn't offensive.

Please refrain from posting content with the intent of harming readers, forcing them to experience negative feelings, or encouraging them to cause harm to themselves or their health.

Hate speech

Hate speech is the expression of hatred by any language or artistic means.

Don't publish information that promotes hatred or discrimination on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social, or other grounds.

Don't post information that contains threats, promises to harm others, or incites the use of violence or material or moral damage to your conversation partner or a third party.


Try not to use obscene language, vulgarities, or slang. Not everybody is fine with such content.

Multiple errors and incomplete text

Write correctly. Don't use all caps or a large number of special characters in your messages. This makes text harder to read.

Don't send incomplete messages, meaningless messages with random characters, or incoherent expressions. Don't overuse emojis, especially in serious discussions, like the comments section of a news article. They don't add meaning to the conversation.

Don't publish posts or comments that only contain links. Your message should be clear without going to other sources.

Suspicious links

Don't post links to content that doesn't comply with these rules.

Shocking content

Detailed descriptions and images of injuries, diseases, deformities, dead bodies, accidents and catastrophes, violence against people and animals, the process of childbirth, and other similar content may offend and shock people. Therefore it is not welcome on Yandex services.

Explicit content

Don't publish pornographic information that describes or demonstrates sexual relations or is explicitly sexual in nature.

Don't post comments that are obscene, including about someone's appearance, or offer intimate services.

Borrowed content

Don't use or upload content that belongs to third parties without their consent.

If your post contains images and videos created by someone else, specify the authors or source. If you quote someone else, put the quote in quotation marks and indicate the author.

Deliberate misinformation

Share only verified information that is true. Don't mislead users.

Misinformation includes attempts to impersonate a third party, hoaxes, and clickbait titles.

Ads and spam

On Yandex services, you can exchange opinions about things like movies or TV shows, read and leave comments, and write reviews. Advertising messages that endorse or promote products and services and interfere with free discussion are inappropriate in chats and on the comment platform. Advertising posts that comply with these rules are only allowed in Yandex.Chats channels.

Don't post commercial messages that are intended to draw attention to products, work, services, or brands, ads for selling products, performing work or services, or links to third-party resources with similar offers. You can advise a product or service if the user asks for it or if you want to share your experience using a product or contacting an organization.

Don't send spam, which is information that isn't related to the content of a post and is distributed to users who are not initially interested in it. Don't send a large number of stickers in a row in one chat. This can also be considered spam.

Begging and extortion on Yandex service pages is also unacceptable.

Personal information

Don't share personal information about yourself or other people in your posts and comments. This includes:

  • Passport series and number or numbers of other documents.
  • Contact information, including phone numbers, personal addresses, and email addresses.
  • Bank card data.
  • Usernames and passwords.

Dangerous and illegal content

Don't post information that is prohibited by law or that threatens the rights and interests of third parties and Yandex.

Information is considered Illegal and dangerous if it:

  • Contains calls for illegal conduct or potentially dangerous activities, including signs of extremist tendencies and calls to participate in mass riots.
  • Violates the rights of users and third parties or creates a threat of such violation.
  • Breaks the law.
  • Threatens the security of the service and its proper operation.

If you notice a post or comment that violates these rules or believe that your post was removed by mistake, contact support.