How to get into the channel recommendation section

Note. On this page, you can apply to participate in the Yandex.Chats channel recommendation program. If you want to learn how to transfer your content to a channel in Yandex.Chats, use the form for posting content.

Yandex.Chats is a platform for communicating on Yandex services. You can use it to discuss community news with your neighbors on Yandex.Local, support your team on Yandex.Efir, or contact a store on Yandex.Market. All chats, both with individuals and businesses, are displayed in a single list.

Yandex.Chats is available on the Yandex homepage, in the Yandex app, in Yandex Browser, and as a standalone app for iOS and Android. It's also integrated with Yandex.Connect, a service package for businesses.

Yandex.Chats users can create channels to distribute their content. To help authors attract readers and make it easier for users to find interesting channels, we launched a channel recommendation program. Posts from channels that participate in the program and comply with the platform rules may be displayed on the Yandex homepage. In the future, this will expand to other Yandex services and apps.

To participate in the Yandex.Chats channel recommendation program, fill in the form below.

You need a minimum of 15 messages posted on your channel to participate in the program. If you want to transfer posts from another messaging app, use the form for posting content. If you don't have a channel yet, create one: open Yandex.Chats, select , and select Create channel.