Formatting message text

In chats with other users and company operators, message text can be formatted using special characters.

Markup Result
**Bold text**


```Monospaced font```


Note. The link will only be formatted if the markup symbols are adjacent to the text (not separated by spaces):
Markup Result

[Link] (

You can use bold and italics simultaneously, including with a link:

Markup Result
**__Bold italics__**

**__[Bold italics link](**

You can use monospaced font inside a different format, but you can't use other styles inside monospaced font.

Markup Result
__```Monospaced font + italics```__

**```Monospaced font + bold```**

```__Italics inside monospaced font__```

Preserving styles

When copying a message, you can only copy the text but not the formatting styles. When replying to a message, the quoted text is displayed without formatting. When you forward a message, the original formatting is preserved.