To open Yandex Messenger, click the icon.

Note. You can only communicate with users in the current space. To send a message to a user in another organization or to Personal, switch to the other space.
  1. Chats with users
  2. Questions and issues

Chats with users

Create a private chat (with one person)
  1. In the chat list, click .
  2. Enter the person's name or select it from the list.
Create a group chat
  1. In the chat list, click .
  2. Click New group chat and add members.
Send a message

Open a chat and enter your message however you like:

  • Tap and say your message.
  • Click on the text field and type a message using the keyboard.
  • Click and select the document you want to send.
Add a chat member
  1. In the chat, click ( in iOS) and select Chat info.
  2. Select Members.
  3. Click Add.
Delete a member

Only the administrator of a group chat can delete members.

  1. In the chat, click ( in iOS) and select Chat info.
  2. Select Members.
  3. Click next to the member and select Delete from chat (Remove from group in iOS).
Leave a chat

In the chat, tap ( in iOS) and select Leave chat.

Hide a private chat
Note. The function is only available on a PC and in the Personal space.

In the chat, click  → Block and hide.

Clear a private chat
Note. You can't delete message history from chats with more than one person.

In the chat, click ( in iOS) and select Clear history (Clear chat history in iOS).

Then, your message history will disappear (but your chat partner will still be able to see it), and the chat will be removed from the chat list. If you want to resume chatting to that person, find them using the search.

Pin a chat
Note. Only the chat administrator can pin the chat.
  1. In the list of chats, right-click on the name of the chat.
  2. Select Pin chat.

Questions and issues

I can't add a person to the chat

Possible causes:

  • You are not the chat administrator.
  • You've exceeded the limit (10 people per day). The limit is set to protect you from spam.

    Send the chat link to the user so they can join on their own.

How do I leave a private chat?
You can't leave a private chat. You can hide it or mute it.
How do I transfer chat history from the old device to the new one?
Log in to the same account you used on the old device.
I can't access the chat via the chat link
If you get the “Couldn't join chat” message when following the link to the chat, ask the chat administrator to enable the Public link option in the settings.