Send a message
  1. Select a chat.
  2. Send a message:
    • Using keyboard. Type a message.
    • Using voice. Click .
    • As a file. Click the icon and select the file on the computer.
      Restriction. You can't send more than 1 GB of files per month, and the size of each file cannot not exceed 50 MB.
  3. To send an important message, click .
Find a message
  1. Open the chat.
  2. Tap in the upper-right corner.
Reply with a quote, copy, edit, or delete a message
  1. Right-click the message.
  2. Select Reply, Copy text, Edit, or Delete.
Forward a message
Note. You can't forward a message from a chat in one space to a chat in another space.
  1. Right-click the message.
  2. Click Forward.
  3. Select the chat where you want to forward the message.
Pin a message or copy it to the clipboard
  1. Right-click the message.
  2. Select Pin message.

In group chats, only administrators can pin messages.

Save a message
  1. Right-click the message.
  2. Select Add to Saved. The message will be copied to the Saved messages chat.
Mark a message as important
  1. Right-click the message.
  2. Select Mark as important.

To view messages marked as important:

  1. Open the chat.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click  → Chat info → Important messages.
Mention a chat member

In a chat, you can mention a certain person to make sure they read your message. To do this, enter @ and select the member from the list. The selected member will get a notification.

Respond to being mentioned

You'll see the icon with the number of mentions in the chat list, next to the chat where you've been mentioned.

When you open the chat, you'll see the icon in the bottom-right corner. Click it to read the message in which you were mentioned (if you were mentioned several times, the first mention will open).

Questions and answers

I can't send files
You've probably exceeded the traffic limit (1 GB per month, each file no more than 50 MB). The limit will be reset next month. Share large files using Yandex Disk.
I don't receive messages from users

Make sure that:

You have the Yandex Messenger notifications option enabled in the notifications settings.