How to connect to the FBS model

Note. This page shows the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the web interface and their exact translations into English. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.
To start placing and selling your products on the Yandex.Market marketplace, go to the Подключение к маркетплейсу (“Connect to marketplace”) page in the web interface and follow all the steps.
Step statuses
Color of step/icon Status description
Gray (step unavailable) You did not complete all the actions necessary to go to this step.
White The step can be completed.
You started the step, but didn't finish it. Additional actions are required on your part, such as providing information about the product.
You have performed all the necessary actions and Yandex.Market specialists are processing the information, such as checking the product catalog.
The step was completed.

Step 1. Send an application to connect to the platform

In the step Модель (“Model”):

  1. On the Юридические данные (“Legal information”) page, enter information about your organization and submit a connection application (for more information, see How to submit a connection applicationRU).

    Your application will be verified within seven business days. We will send an email to the address provided during registration to notify you of the verification results. If the application is approved, the “Заявление одобрено” (“Заявление одобрено”) status appears on the Юридические данные (“Legal information”) page.

  2. Send the original application by mail or courier.

  3. On the Подключение к маркетплейсу (“Connect to marketplace”) page, configure the order processingRU method.

    By default, the method is set via the API when registering on the platform. If you want to process orders using the web interface, click Изменить способ (“Change method”). Then select В личном кабинете (“In the web interface”) and specify an order confirmation schedule.

    You can also configure the order confirmation method on the Настройки → Выбор способа подтверждения (“Settings → Confirmation method”) page. For more information, see Order confirmation and processing method.RU

    Attention. When you select the web interface as the order processing method, some steps disappear on Подключение к маркетплейсу (“Connect to marketplace”).

Step 2. Submit product information and upload documents

In the step Товары (“Products”), upload:

  • Your product catalog. To prepare a catalog, use an XLS template, a YML file, add products manually in the web interface, or send requests via the partner API.

    Attention. Make sure that the catalog contains the product dimensions and weight. Without these parameters, you can't test your storeRU or perform a self-check.RU The product also can't be displayed on the marketplace and ends up in the Hidden goodsRU report.
  • DocumentsRU (such as certificates of conformity), especially if such documents are required for the products you sell.

For more information, see How to prepare a catalog and create product profiles.RU

Step 3. Upload prices

In the step Прайс-лист (“Price list”), submit the prices.RU Keep in mind that prices only apply to products that have the Можно продавать (“Can sell”) status on the Товары → Каталог (“Products → Catalog”) page.

Product prices on the platform constantly change, so regularly check the recommendations and update your prices. This is convenient over the API. For more information, see Prices and recommendations.RU

In this step, you can also submit the stock balance if you plan to process orders from the web interface.

Attention. If you upload incorrect product price data, you can't test your storeRU or perform a self-check.RU

Step 4. Configure the API

Note. If you process ordersRU in the web interface, skip this step.
  1. In the step Настройка API (“Configure the API”), click Ввести данные (“Enter data”) and specify the API settings.RU
  2. If requests are processed incorrectly, fix the errors.

For more information about platform integration via the API, see Order processing in the partner API documentation.

Step 5. Configure the order shipment method

In the step Данные о складе (“Warehouse data”):

  • Enter information about your warehouse.
  • Select the order shipment method and configure the shipment schedule.

For more information, see How to configure the order shipment method.RU

Note. Make sure that your warehouse is ready to process 50 or more orders every day.

Step 6. Submit stock balance information

Upload data about the stock balance the same way you that plan to process orders (via the API or web interface).

Via the API
  1. Prepare your API to process requests from Yandex.Market using the POST /stocks method (request information about stock balances). Yandex.Market requests up-to-date information on the stock balance from your server. Submit up-to-date data in response.
  2. In the step Обработка запросов об остатках (“Processing stock balance requests”), click Начать проверку (“Start checking”) to check whether POST /stocks requests are being processed correctly on your server.
  3. If requests are processed incorrectly, fix the errors.
  4. Enable automatic data updates in the next step so that information about the stock balance is automatically transmitted to Yandex.Market every 15 minutes.
In the web interface

In the price file, fill in the Available quantity of product field (if it wasn't previously filled in) and upload the file via the web interface.RU We recommend updating information on the quantity of products (stock balance) at least once a day. More frequent updates are preferred, such as after each change in product quantity.

Attention. If you send incorrect information about the stock balance, you can't test your storeRU or perform a self-check.RU

Step 7. Debug order processing using test orders

In the step Настройка обработки заказов (“Configure order processing”), click Создать тестовый заказ (“Create a test order”). The Настройки → Работа с тестовыми заказами (“Settings → Working with test tasks”) page opens. Test how well your store works.

Note. The list of products doesn't immediately appear on the page. It may take a few hours to load. When the products appear on the page, you can start processing test orders.

If the store accepts orders via the API, real-time requests are transmitted from the Yandex.Market marketplace API to the store's API.

For more information, see Debugging using test orders.RU

Step 8. Perform a self-check

In the step Самопроверка (“Self-check”), click Перейти к заданиям (“Go to tasks”). Self-checking simulates the most frequent scenarios that partners encounter when working with the marketplace. With a self-check, you can make sure that you properly set up order processing.

For more information about the conditions for completing tasks, see Self-checking.RU

Step 9. Process a test order

In the step Контрольный заказ (“Test order”), process a test order to make sure that you're ready to work with orders from buyers. If you process the order correctly, your store will be connected to the marketplace: products appear on the platform and you start receiving real orders.

For more information, see Processing a test order.RU

Automatic verification tests

If you process ordersRU via the API, Yandex.Market starts performing automatic regular checks after you complete all the steps to connect. The Yandex.Market marketplace robot sends you requests, and the store must respond and transmit the required information. Otherwise, your items may be hidden from the marketplace.

For more information about automatic checks, see the partner API documentation.