Use the picture element to place a link to the product image. If there are several images:


In one picture field you can enter up to 10 links to images, separated by commas.

Place each image link in a separate picture element. You can specify up to 10 picture elements.
Attention. The picture should show the actual product being sold, in the correct color. For example, if param specifies green color, the first image should show the product in green.

If you are selling the product in several colors, place a link to an image of the product in all colors in main-picture.


  • The maximum URL length is 512 characters.
  • Acceptable protocols: HTTP, HTTPS.
  • Formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF.
  • The maximum size is 3,500 pixels on the longest side.
  • The minimum size is 600 pixels on either side.
  • Acceptable backgrounds: white, transparent.
  • You cannot use image links to third-party resources (Amazon, Alibaba, Joom, Pandao, etc.).