All elements for describing a single product

The page provides all the elements to describe a single product in the formats YML, CSV, XLS.

In YML format, all these elements are included in the element offer. For higher-level elements and the structure of the YML file, see Requirements/YML format.

Field Description Required


Product ID:

  • Maximum length: 80 characters.

  • May contain numbers, Latin letters, hyphens and underscores.

  • Must be unique for each product.



Product name in English.

  • Maximum length: 80 characters.

  • It is not allowed to repeat the same word more than once or to list all sizes.
Note. If you can't name the product in English, name it in your language in the element original-name.
The name should be concise and should follow this pattern:
product type + manufacturer or brand + name or model 
+ key characteristics (maximum 3)


Red training shoes Nike
INK small blue female bag


 Bag Female New Bag Hit Color Small Square
Men's socks wholesale men's socks football socks 
sports socks men's boat socks
Stainless Steel Elbow Tweezers 12.5cm/14cm/16cm/18cm
/20cm/25cm/30cm Clear Clip Tool Medical Repair Tools

Parameters that vary within a single product should be specified in param. For example: color, size, quantity in each package, etc.



Product name in the store's local language.

Requirements are the same as for english-name.

Required, if the following isn't used: english-name


Product name in Russian.

Attention. Specify the name only in Russian. If you can't specify the name in Russian, do not use name.

The requirements are the same as for english-name.



Attention. This element is used in CSV and XLS formats.

Product category. Specify the path to the category in the following format:

category 1\\category 2\\...\\final category

Category names should be in English and must be taken from this file: Download

For example:

Beauty & Health\\Hair Care & Styling\\Styling Products
\\Braid Maintenance
Attention. Chinese stores should only use the category names from the file above.

Other stores can use their own category names. The categories that the customer drills down through in order to reach the product should make sense.

Kids\\Clothes\\Kids' jumpsuits


Online store products\\Warehouse_1\\Dresses\\Tunics


Attention. This element is used in CSV and XLS formats.
Enter the number 1 in the field if you used a category name from the file above (from the category description).


Attention. This element is used in the YML format.

The ID of the product category.

All categories (names and IDs) must be listed in the categories element.



Current price of the product.



Old product price (without discount). Must be higher than the current price. The app automatically calculates the difference between the old and current prices and shows users the discount.



Product price currency: RUR, USD, EUR, UAH, KZT, BYN. The price and currency must match. For example, with USD the price should be specified in dollars, not rubles.



Item weight in kilograms including packaging. You can specify up to three decimal places (for example, 1.001). The decimal separator is a dot.



Note. If you don't know what value of cargo-type to choose, please refer to the employee Bringly. The wrong code of cargo may cause a delivery failure.

Cargo classification code.

View codes

10 — Documents and securities

50 — Art objects

80 — Valuables and precious metals

100 — Consumer goods

200 — Appliances and electronics (without batteries)

220 — Batteries

230 — Appliances and electronics (with batteries)

300 — Heavy and oversized cargo

400 — Dangerous cargo

420 — Weapons and explosives

440 — Cosmetics and perfumes

450 — Aerosols and gas cylinders

460 — Odorous cargo

470 — Powders

480 — Chemicals

500 — Wet cargo

700 — Perishables

750 — Foodstuffs

800 — Animals

900 — Medications



URL link to product image. If there are several images:

In one picture field you can enter up to 10 links to images, separated by commas.

The appearance of the product on the first image must match the parameters in param. For example, if param specifies green color, the first image should show the product in green.

Requirements forpicture.



Product description in English (no more than 3,000 characters including punctuation marks). Please specify only key product information.
Note. If you can't describe the product in English, describe it in your language in the element original-description.

The following are not allowed in the description:

  • Contact information: phone numbers, email addresses, messenger usernames, or any links.
  • The words “discount”, “sale”, “cheap”, “gift” (except for gift categories), “gratis”, “promotion”, “special price”, “free”, “new”, “equivalent”, “order”, “hit”.
  • Terms of sale of the product, such as information about promotions or prepayment.
  • The region where the product is sold.
  • Descriptions of image quality, as well as any indication that the actual product may differ from the image, or that “variations are available”.
  • Sizes or the sizing system. You can specify sizes in the param element.
  • Calls to action or calls to contact the seller.


Women's natural leatherchain shoulder bag


Women's bag, small and big sizes. Quick delivery 
Contact us at + 1 999 999 99 99, mail – mail@хххх.com. 
The image may differ from the real product.

You can use the following XHTML tags <h3>...</h3>, <ul><li>...</li></ul>, <p>...</p>, <img>...</img>, <table>...</table>, and <br/>, provided that:

  • They are enclosed in the CDATA section in the format: <![CDATA[ Text with XHTML markup ]]>.

  • They conform to the general rules of the XHTML standard.


original-description Product description in the store's local language. The requirements are the same as for english-description. Required, if the following isn't used: english-description
original-language The language code of the store's country, for example: EN, TR, DE, IT, and so on. Required if the following are specified: original-description and original-name


Product description in Russian. The requirements are the same as for english-description.



Name of manufacturer or brand.

This is required if you are sending the product directly to the buyer.

It is not necessary if you are sending the product to a one of the service's warehouses (for example, in Riga).

See description.


Customs code (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity).

This is required if you are sending the product directly to the buyer.

It is not necessary if you are sending the product to a one of the service's warehouses (for example, in Riga).

See description


All important characteristics of the product in Russian or English — color, size, volume, material, age, gender, etc.

In YML, there can be multiple param fields. An Excel or CSV file can only contain one param.

Detailed element description.

Required for clothing and if group-id is specified. Optional in other cases.


ID for grouping products (when multiple products are variations of the same model). group-id value:

  • can contain numbers, Latin letters (lowercase and uppercase), hyphens and underscores;

  • must be the same for all products from the same group, like cases of the same model in different colors.

Attention. Products with the same group-id can have no more than two differing parameters (param).



URL link to a picture of the product group. For example, an image that shows purses of the same model in all available colors.



Product dimensions (length, width, height) including packaging. Specify dimensions in centimeters.

Format: three positive numbers with accuracy of 0.001, using a dot as the decimal separator. The numbers must be separated by the slash symbol “/” without spaces. For example:




The product is of a sexual nature or pertains to sexual interest in any way. Possible values — true, false.