Note. This element is used only in the YML format.

The categories parent element in the YML format contains the list of store categories. Each category is described in a separate category element. Specify:

  • The category ID in the id attribute.

  • The parent category ID in the parentId attribute (if the category is a child category). If parentId isn't specified, the category is considered a root category.

  • Category name (in Russian or English). For convenience, you can use the names from the file:

    Download the file

  • The number 1, if you used category names from the file, in the type attribute.

YML format example

  <category type="1" id="1">Beauty & Health</category>
  <category type="1" id="2" parentId="1">Hair Care & Styling</category>
  <category type="1" id="3" parentId="2">Styling Products</category>
  <category type="1" id="4" parentId="3">Braid Maintenance</category>

Requirements for identifiers

  • Category and subcategory identifiers must be unique.

  • All identifiers must be positive integers.

  • An identifier cannot be equal to 0.

  • The maximum length of an identifier is 18 characters.