Working with orders

Track new orders

Note. Orders must be sent to the delivery service within 7 days of order placement. Track orders regularly.

In your store account, go to the left menu and click List of orders to open the order page. Orders with the status Processing are new.

Use these resources if you want to receive new orders by API: .

Pack orders for shipment

If there are more than 4 items in the same order, divide it into multiple shipments. Each package should contain no more than 4 items.

Send shipment information

  1. On the Orders page, click on the order number to see the page with information about the order.

  2. Add items to the package (there should be no more than 4 items in one parcel):

    1. In the Items in the order section, click next to the desired products and they appear in the Parcels section.

    2. Specify the quantity of each product in the shipment.

    3. Click Package created.

    To create another package, click Add a package and move the desired products to it.

You can send data about shipments via the API.

Get labels and stick them on your shipments

  1. On the order page, go to the Shipments section and click Download a label next to each package.

  2. Print the labels and stick them on the packages.

You can get labels via the API by using the resource. The shipment output parameters will contain the documents parameters with the label URLs for each shipment.

Send orders to the delivery service

Attention. Each order must be sent within 7 days after the order is placed.
  1. Bring the packages to the Bringly warehouse and give it to warehouse staff.

  2. Make sure the orders are accepted successfully.

    A warehouse employee will scan the labels on the shipments. If the label matches the order information that you sent to Bringly, the order status changes from “Processing” to “Delivery”. From that moment, the delivery service is responsible for the orders.

Cancel orders (if necessary)

Note. You can cancel an order if its status is “Processing”.

Cancel an order if:

To cancel an order, change its status to “Cancelled”.