Yandex.Market and Beru widgets

Place Yandex.Market and Beru widgets on your site and get paid:

  • Yandex.Market pays for users' click-throughs to online stores and for their clicks on store phone numbers.
  • Beru pays for orders that users place on Beru when they click through to Beru from your site.

The model for remuneration calculation is revenue share.

How to install widgets

  1. Make sure you're a Yandex.Market partner.

  2. Select the Yandex.Market or Beru widget format. We recommend placing Beru widgets: even if no products are found on Beru, the default widget is replaced by a Yandex.Market widget.

  3. Generate your widget code in the constructor or manually.

  4. Install a widget on your site pages or Turbo pages.

  5. Track statistics in Yandex.Metrica and the Yandex.Distribution interface and get paid.