Traffic source requirements

The Yandex.Market partner network has certain requirements for traffic sources, that is, platforms where partners place monetization tools, and their placement methods.

  1. Allowed traffic sources
  2. Prohibited traffic sources

Allowed traffic sources

  • Content sites, sites with price comparison.
  • Aggregators of coupons and promos (only for orders on Yandex.Market, except when a user visits a platform after they added items to the cart on Yandex.Market).
  • Cashback services (only for orders on Yandex.Market).
  • Groups in social networks.
  • Videos and channels on video services.
  • Telegram channels.
  • Blogs.
To be agreed
  • Mailings.
  • Social media apps, services, and games.
  • Push notifications.
  • Banner ads, including interactive banners (rich media).

To negotiate the use of these traffic sources, contact a partner network manager.

Prohibited traffic sources

  • Sites with adult content.
  • Aggregators of coupons and promos (for orders on Yandex.Market in cases when a user visits a platform after adding items to the cart on Yandex.Market, as well as for clicks on Yandex.Market).
  • Cashback services (for clicks on Yandex.Market).
Note. Remuneration is not paid for click-throughs from prohibited traffic sources.