How to become a partner

To connect to the Yandex.Market partner network, you need to do the following:

  1. Register. Leave your contact details and information about your site.

  2. Pass moderation. Yandex.Market specialists study your platform and make a decision whether it is suitable for cooperation. While you are waiting for moderation, you have a trial period to learn about our monetization tools.

  3. Submit an application to finalize an agreement. After the platform successfully passes moderation, you fill out an application to finalize an agreement under which you receive remuneration for services rendered.

  1. Who can become a partner
  2. Registration
  3. Trial period
  4. Moderation
  5. Application to finalize an agreement

Who can become a partner

The Yandex.Market partner network works with individual entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses.

If you are a Yandex Advertising Network partner and want to use monetization tools, you also need to connect to the Yandex.Market partner network. To do this, you can register via your Yandex Advertising Network account or any other account.

The partner network does not accept applications to connect from Hong Kong and the Netherlands.


  1. Check out the requirements for traffic sources, that is, platforms and methods for placing monetization tools.

  2. Log in to Yandex. Use any convenient account for that.

  3. Specify your contact details and information about your platform:

    • Name (for example, “All about mobility scooters”).

    • URL of the website where the platform is placed.

    • Type (for example, cashback service, review aggregator, etc.).;

    • The size of your audience.

  4. You can choose to connect multiple platforms to the Yandex.Market partner network. To do this, select Добавить ещё площадку (“Add another platform”) and enter data about it.

  5. Click Готово (“Finish”).

This will take you to the Yandex.Distribution dashboard. The trial period is automatically activated for you, and your platforms will be submitted for moderation.

Trial period

The trial period starts automatically after you have registered and logged in to the Yandex.Distribution dashboard. Following that, you can immediately get started with monetization tools: try to create them in the dashboard and place them on your platforms.

After the trial period starts, you will receive a set of Yandex.Market partner IDs ("CLID"). For each platform, a separate set is formed which contains one ID for every monetization tool.

During the trial period, remuneration is accumulated, but not paid. To get the accumulated remuneration, you need to sign an agreement with Yandex.Market within 6 months of the trial period start. For this:

If you do not sign the agreement within 6 months, you will have to register, pass moderation and sign the agreement again. In this case, your accumulated remuneration will be reset.


Moderation takes from 2 to 14 business days. If at least one of your platforms successfully passes moderation, you will be offered to fill out the form on the Дашборд (“Dashboard”) page to submit an application for an agreement. We recommend visiting this page regularly in order to find out when the form appears.

Your platform may be rejected for various reasons, such as if the platform content is not suitable for Yandex.Market monetization tools, if the platform website does not open, etc.

Attention. A Yandex Zen channel won't pass moderation because Zen bloggers connect and work with monetization tools through Yandex Zen. For more information, see Social commerceRU in the Help for Yandex Zen.

Application to finalize an agreement

  1. Go to the Дашборд (“Dashboard”) page and click Заполнить анкету (“Fill out an application”).

  2. Specify whether you are an individual, a business or an individual entrepreneur. Select the registration country.

  3. Specify your personal data if you are an individual, or company data if you are a business.

  4. Enter the account details where you want to receive remuneration.

  5. If necessary, download the agreement offer copy which is generated automatically.

  6. Click Отправить заявку (“Submit”). This will mean you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement, therefore, you do not have to sign it manually.

Next, Yandex.Market will review your agreement application. Processing usually takes from 3 to 14 business days. After your application is accepted, you will become a Yandex.Market partner and will be able to receive your accumulated remuneration.