How to create a template-based partner link

  1. Create a template-based link:

    URL?fixed part&clid
    • URL — The URL of the page on Yandex.Market or Beru.
    • fixed part:

      • For pages on Yandex.Market: pp=900&mclid=1003&distr_type=7.
      • For pages on Beru: pp=1900&mclid=1003&distr_type=7.
    • clid — Your Yandex.Market partner ID (you can find it out in the Yandex.Distribution interface, on the Products page, or from your personal account manager).

    Examples of partner links:

  2. If necessary, add an additional link ID in the vid parameter:

    URL?fixed part&clid&vid

    This lets you:

    • View statistics just for this link.

    • Compare statistics for the same links on different pages.

    An ID can be a number from 0 to 999. Example:

  3. You can post the created link. For convenience, you can make a short link based on the created one using the Clicker.


Example 1

You want to create a partner link to the Playstation VR product card: The created partner link looks like this: (12345 is the ID of a Yandex.Market partner).

Example 2

You want to place the link from the first example on your site's homepage and the Playstation VR overview page and then compare how users click it. To do this, create two links with the same URL and different vid identifiers. The created partner links look like this: