How to create a partner link in the Yandex.Distribution interface

  1. Decide which page on Yandex.Market or Beru the link will lead to and copy its URL.

    Tip. Choose pages with offers (for example, a product card or a section with promotions): users are more likely to click through to store sites or place orders from these pages.
  2. In the Yandex.Distribution interface, go to Yandex.Market tools → Link generator.

  3. Fill in the fields:

    • CLID: Select the Yandex.Market partner ID.

    • VID (optional field): Add an additional ID for the link (a number from 0 to 999). This lets you:

      • View statistics just for this link.

      • Compare statistics for the same links on different pages.

  4. Insert your URL in the Link to Yandex.Market or Beru field.

  5. Copy the URL from the Partner link field and post the link.