How to create a partner link in a browser extension

The Yandex.Market and Beru Partner Network extension is available in Yandex Browser and Google Chrome. You can use it to create partner links directly on Yandex.Market and Beru pages. The links you created for different sites are saved in the History section.

You can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store:

To create a link:

  1. Decide which page on Yandex.Market or Beru the link will lead to and open it.

    Tip. Choose pages with offers (for example, a product card or a section with promotions): users are more likely to click through to store sites or place orders from these pages.
  2. To the right of your browser address bar, click .

    I don't see this icon

    There is no icon: Check the browser settings to make sure that the extension is installed and the icon display is enabled in the browser.

    The icon is there, but it's black and white: You are on a page that you can't create a partner link for. Go to Yandex.Market or Beru.

  3. Select a site to place a link on from the list.

    I don't see the list or it doesn't contain the appropriate site

    Make sure you're logged in to the correct Yandex account. To do this, click in the upper-right corner of the browser extension. If this button is missing, you aren't logged in to an account linked to Yandex.Distribution.

    If you're logged in to the correct account but don't see all the sites in the list, the feature that enables you to create links isn't activated for your sites (some or all of them). To activate it, write to your account manager or contact support.

  4. If necessary, specify an additional link ID (a number from 0 to 999) in the VID field. This lets you:

    • View statistics just for this link.

    • Compare statistics for the same links on different pages.

    • Generate different links for the same page on Yandex.Market or Beru (by default, identical links are created).
  5. To copy a link, click it or click Copy.

    Tip. If you want the link to be copied immediately after clicking or changing parameters, click and enable the Copy link automatically option in the extension.