Yandex.Market partner network API

Set up integration with Yandex.Market via the content API to use product information in your own monetization tools and earn money with the Yandex.Market marketplace.

  1. How it works
  2. How to connect to the API
  3. How to send requests

How it works

Connecting to the API you can automatically request information about products on Yandex.Market. For example, when a user wants to view a product on your site, you can send HTTP requests via the API when loading the product page, get the required information in response (the product name, image, and price, the URL of its page in the “Pokupki” section on Yandex.Market, and so on), and show this information on the page.

If the user clicks through to Yandex.Market, from your site and places an order there, Yandex.Market will share with you the revenue from this order. For more information, see Payment of remuneration.

How to connect to the API

  1. Make sure you're a Yandex.Market partner.
    Note. The content API is only available to Yandex.Market partners that applied for participation and received a partner traffic ID (CLID). If you're partnering with Yandex.Market in test mode, you won't be able to access the content API.
  2. Read the API User Agreement.

  3. Request an authorization key via the feedback form:

How to send requests

For information on how to work with the Yandex.Market partner network API, see its technical documentation (in Russian):

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