Yandex.Maps is a search and information service that you can use to:

Mobile Yandex.Maps

Mobile Yandex.Maps helps you quickly navigate an area and plan your trip by car or on public transport.

Once you install Mobile Yandex.Maps, you can also contribute information about road congestion to Yandex.Traffic (which gets its information about traffic speed not only from partner companies, but also from Mobile Yandex.Maps users). In this process, all data is obfuscated so that it doesn't contain any information about the user or their car.

For more information, see about Mobile Yandex.Maps and other services.

Yandex.Maps API

The Yandex.Maps API — you can use this service to install Yandex.Maps on your site. The API gives you access to the entire contents of Yandex.Maps, including hundreds of detailed city maps, satellite images, and data from the Business directory and business/organization searches.

The Yandex.Maps API allows you to create an interactive map, display your data on it, and implement geolocation services of varying degrees of complexity.