Traffic jams and road events

To show visual traffic information, click Traffic (to hide it, just click it again).

The traffic level is indicated by color:

  • — traffic is moving freely
  • — traffic is moving slower in this area
  • — traffic is jammed up
  • — road blocked

If there is no reliable traffic data for a given area at the time, then you will not see a color indicator.

When this mode is turned on, the Traffic button displays information about the traffic jam level using a point scale: .

Traffic conditions are measured on a ten-point scale:

  • 1 — Roads are clear.
  • 2 — Roads are mostly clear.
  • 3 — Some congestion.
  • 4 — Some congestion.
  • 5 — Heavy traffic.
  • 6 — Bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • 7 — Serious traffic jams.
  • 8 — Traffic is backed up for kilometers.
  • 9 — It is impossible to drive through the city.
  • 10 — It would be faster to walk.

To find out how fast traffic is moving on a given part of the road, hover the cursor over it:

When Traffic mode is turned on, you will see the Traffic settings button, which opens the “Traffic” toolbar when you click on it.

On the Today tab, you'll see a traffic forecast for the upcoming hour. Move the slider between Now — In an hour to the appropriate time and the map will display traffic for that time:

To view road events on the map (road work, accidents, etc.), enable the Road events option in the toolbar.

Road events are displayed as icons:

  • — accident
  • — road blocked
  • — other
  • — road work
  • — bridge up
  • — future event (for example, the bridge will be up)

Click it to see a message about an event.

To see traffic statistics for different days or times, go to the Statistics tab in the traffic toolbar, click on a day, and move the slider to the appropriate time. For example, Wed, 14:00.

The map will display traffic for that time.